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  • Core XunTong Wireless technology co., LTD. (SIMCom Wireless Solutions) is intelligent, sea (deep shares 002313) subsidiary, since it was founded in 2002, as A module industry leader, has been committed to provide 5 g, C - V2X, LPWA, LTE - A, intelligent module, LTE, WCDMA/HSPA (+), GSM/GPRS Wireless cellular communication and GNSS satellite positioning, and other technology platform module and Solutions. According to ABI Research Inc. 's latest M2M report, xuncom has been the world leader in wireless module sales for four consecutive years.
    Products Style:
    • GSM GPRS module, GSM GPRS EDGE module, GSM GPRS+GNSS module, TD-SCDMA module, WCDMA/HSPA module, CDMA-EVDO module, GPS/GLONASS module and short distance R
    Ppplication Field:
    • Communication / network industry / Automation
  • Gell technology was founded in 2000, belonging to the wireless network is a subsidiary of the group companies. It has rich experience in industry management cadres, professional R & D, marketing professionals, engineers and professional manufacturing and technical staff. We are professional service customers oriented, providing first-class products and first-class quality of service, and to exceed customer expectations as the goal, in order to achieve customers, shareholders and employees shared, CO prosperity of the enterprise philosophy. The company has established two business divisions: wireless multimedia business, optical communication business and shenzhen office. Wireless multimedia enterprise is one of the few domestic manufacturers with RF, logic circuit design and electronic assembly capabilities. We provide Wireless multimedia products such as SiP(Systems in Package) and Wireless HDMI. SiP products integrate WiFi, Bluetooth, FM or GPS functions into the same module to meet the short, thin, light and small needs of the electronics industry. Wireless HDMI is the advanced Wireless transmission of player signals, such as DVDS, to digital television sets, replacing the traditional wired transmission of signals.
    Products Style:
    • SiP module
    Products Advantage:
    • 1. The modules are in the form of stamp holes
    • easy to design
    • easy to produce
    • easy to weld and debug
    • 2. All modules with a SIZE of 12mm*12mm are pin-to-pin compatible.
    • Only one version of hardware design and one version of software are needed to replace different modules
    • 3. All modules with a SIZE of 13mm*15mm are pin-to-pin compatible.
    • Only one version of hardware design and one version of software are needed to replace different modules
    • 4. WIFI supports WIFI Direct
    • Miracast
    Ppplication Field:
    • Serial port (RS232/RS485) to WiFi, TTL to WiFi; WiFi monitoring, TCP/IP and wi-fi coprocessor; WiFi remote control of aircraft, cars and other toy fields; WiFi network radio, camera, digital photo frame; Medical instruments, data collection and handheld devices; WiFi fat scale, smart card terminal; Intelligent home;
  • Focus on growth faster than the overall semiconductor industry. Icstreet hand in hand, we are for the automotive, industrial, household appliances, medical equipment and consumer electronics industry with high performance, high quality solutions, these solutions is the core of today's most advanced embedded systems. By working closely with icstreet, we provide customers with market-leading solutions based on our MCU, wireless SoC, memory, analog IC and USB controller. Our first-class wireless technology, let us in the fast-growing field of Internet of things, and break through the traditional market restrictions, such as Internet and self-driving cars ahead in the next generation of subdivision marketing.
    Products Style:
    • Memory and data memory optical detector/sensor.
    Ppplication Field:
    • Computer and peripheral application of electronic control for industrial applications.
  • Winbond Electronics (WINBOND) was founded in September 1987, listed on the Taiwan stock exchange in 1995. Today's Winbond company specializes in integrated circuit memory for positioning, the main business include product design, technology research and development, manufacturing, marketing and customer service service wafer, committed to advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing technologies, to provide customers with special specifications of memory solution. Winbond product business group "DRAM" and "IC group" and "flash memory IC manufacturing group in the three major business groups as the core, the constant pursuit of innovation of products and technologies, to implement competitive advantage. DRAM products, with high speed and low power design technology at the core of memory, including Specialty, Mobile and DRAM launched Pseudo SRAM and Low Power SDRAM of the RAM series of products, can be widely used in consumer, communications, computer peripherals, automotive electronics and other four areas, and double data rate Graphics DRAM-GDDR the product is locked, personal computers, games and multimedia applications such as market demand for high efficiency and high speed graphics memory solutions.
    Products Style:
    • Mobile Ram, Serial NOR Flash, 1.2V Serial NOR Flash, QspiNAND Flash, High Perance QspiNAND Flash, OctalNAND Flash
    Ppplication Field:
    • Consumer electronics communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation