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Danotherm Electric A/S

Name:Danotherm Electric A/S


Brand Introduction
Danotherm Electric A/S is the world's leading producer of high quality power resistors. Since 1919, Danotherm has designed and produced electrothermal components. Including conventional wirewound resistors, steel lattice resistors, state-of-the-art insulation, high pulse loads, Alumininum placement resistors, and steel tube resistances are also high voltage applications. As for user electronic services, Danotherm develops thermal simulation for all products used in pulsed load applications, and in this way Danotherm guarantees product selection. Danotherm Electric A/S, the main plant in Copenhagen, denmark. Another factory in Starr Gardner, a factory in Poland and Italy of Milan. Together with distributors around the world, Danotherm offers power resistors that support and meet any demand.
Product Series
Power resistor, ceramic winding resistor, frequency converter, brake resistor, electric heating element, etc.
Application Areas
Communication / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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