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Brand Introduction
A Polytron Technologies Inc (referred to as: dinson technology, trading code: 5351) is a world class IC wafer manufacturers (NO production line), focus on niche products (application driven buffer memory buffer memory) and SOC (system in package) design and production. The company was founded in February 1991 in Hsinchu Science Park, took the lead in the VLSI memory development work, the national contract "sub micron plan" project design, the development of the 8 inch wafer sub micron technology, Taiwan DRAM, will lay a solid foundation of the development of SRAM industry. Yu made full use of Taiwan and made good use of the geographical position of the Pacific Center, emphasizing the marketing strategy of quality leadership and technical services, and winning long-term stable cooperative relations with many international leaders.
Product Series
Memory chip, system chip
Application Areas
Consumer electronics
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