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Measurement Specialties

Name:Measurement Specialties


Brand Introduction
The MEAS sensor (Measurement Specialties, Inc.) is one of the world's top sensor manufacturers, products include: pressure, force, torque, load / displacement, angle, acceleration, vibration level, / inertia, water quality, temperature, humidity, flow rate, oxygen saturation, magnetoresistance, piezoelectric film sensor and liquid properties. MEAS sensors mainly face OEM customer groups. Products related to aerospace, machinery manufacturing, motor vehicles, medical equipment, air conditioning, refrigeration, automotive safety, home appliances control and many other fields. MEAS sensor is mature and applied to various key parts such as detection, feedback and control. Measurement Specialties Inc was acquired and merged by TE Connectivity in 2014.
Product Series
Pressure, weight / force, torque, displacement, inclination angle, liquid level, vibration / acceleration, inertia, water quality, temperature, humidity, flow, magnetoresistance, oxygen, piezoelectric film and liquid characteristics, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical, electronic communications / network traffic / automotive industry / Automation
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