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Brand Introduction
XMOS is a young wafer free semiconductor company headquartered in the uk. XMOS provides an easy to use development system called Studio xTIMEcomposer, which simplifies the design of complex embedded systems. XCORE multicore microcontroller provides a unique combination of performance, it can be determined, multi task parallel execution time, which provides a rich software defined external device library support together, so as to meet the specific needs of your design. This allows the xCORE multicore microcontroller to be an ideal choice for demanding embedded applications in audio, automotive, consumer products and industrial products. With its transformative events driving multi-core processors into the international semiconductor industry, XMOS has become the new darling of the industry with its hardware, software and SoC characteristics.
Product Series
Multicore microcontroller, programmable SoC, audio decoder, USB audio solutions
Application Areas
Consumer electronics, medical electronics, portable devices, communications / network transportation / automotive industry / Automation
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