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Hon Hai's February Revenue Hit A Four And A Half Year Low, Falling By Nearly 36% A Month.

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Recently, Hon Hai announced its revenue of NT$265.633 billion in February, a new low since July 2014, with a monthly decrease of 35.85% and an annual decrease of 4.39%. Its cumulative revenue of NT$679.728 billion in the previous two months still barely maintained positive growth compared with the same period last year, but only 0.19% a year.

Industry insiders believe that the number of working days for the Lunar New Year in February has been significantly reduced, as well as the weak sales of Apple's iPhone. With the normalization of working days and the slowdown of Sino-US trade war, it is expected that Hon Hai's revenue in March will rebound significantly compared with February. The overall first quarter revenue will maintain seasonal off-season performance, and the second quarter still needs to observe the overall environment.

Hon Hai said that compared with January, computing products performed best in February, followed by communications products, followed by consumer electronics products; and compared with the same period last year, communications products performed best, followed by computing products, and consumer electronics products.

In addition, computing products such as servers, laptops and personal computers are also entering the off-season of shipment. However, because March is the end of the season for brand factories, products such as laptops and personal computers will resume growth in March, which will help Hon Hai improve its performance in March.

Looking forward to this year, Hon Hai Chairman Guo Taiming previously declared that this year's performance will grow and reach new heights. At present, the group, together with related enterprises such as Qunchuang and Sharp, has achieved more than 6 trillion yuan, and will continue to open up new fields this year.


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