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The Xinen Project Went Smoothly, And 14 Nm Was Not Zhang Rujing's Ultimate Goal.

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On March 5, Chairman Zhang Rujing said that the project was progressing smoothly, CIDM (Commune IDM)——Shared and shared IDM model needs more enterprises from upstream and downstream of domestic and foreign industrial chains to join in order to continue to grow. He also mentioned that the company's Phase II project aims at advanced manufacturing processes up to and below 14nm.

It is understood that the core En integrated circuit company is Zhang Rujing's fifth venture, known as“Father of Semiconductor in China”He chose to develop a CIDM model in Qingdao for the development of China's semiconductor industry, that is, to create a shared integrated component manufacturing company, integrate chip design, chip technology research and development, chip manufacturing, chip packaging and testing, and provide high-quality and efficient products for end-users in an integrated manner.

Zhang Rujing said that at present, Xinen has signed a technology transfer agreement with a large European IDM factory, and will cooperate in the development of new products, engineering and process optimization. In addition, the company has cooperated with more than 30 IC design enterprises, of which 21 have signed up as partners.

In another interview with Qingdao Daily, Zhang Rujing also revealed that the CIDM project in Qingdao is progressing in an orderly manner, but it is not smooth sailing, just a little slower. But he said that no matter what difficulties they encountered, they must succeed. He stressed that the main axis of CIDM is IDM. In addition to materials and equipment, CIDM should also strive for upstream and downstream industry chains, as well as more domestic and foreign enterprises to join in order to make CIDM grow.

Zhang Rujing is not only the chairman of Xinen, but also the honorary Dean of Weiner Institute of Technology, Qingdao University. According to Qingdao Daily, before the Spring Festival of 2019, Zhang Rujing also recruited 273 key talents, many of whom were close comrades-in-arms overseas. Many of them had worked with him to build Zhongxin International, the leading mainland wafer manufacturer.

According to reports, Zhang Rujing pointed out that some of the existing talents in Xinen have rich experience in 14-nm process production, and they are preparing for Xinen's advanced process production. The company's second phase project aims to build two Fabs with a monthly production capacity of 50,000 pieces for advanced processes below 14nm.


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